Rental Apartments Cointrin

About the District

Cointrin might sound familiar if you’ve ever flown to Geneva, as Geneva airport is located in Cointrin’s district. Cointrin is a locality in the canton of Geneva known as “16th Street” and spreads over the towns of Meyrin and Vernier, which are the fourth and second most populous towns of the canton after Geneva. The district is linked to Meyrin, Vernier and Geneva’s city centre via several bus and tram lines and three train lines connect the airport to Geneva’s train station in 7 minutes. It is also very close to the CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, one of the world’s largest centres for scientific research. L’Oréal and Alcon Novartis are other organizations located in the district. The airport and the business hub make temporary apartments in Cointrin a smart choice for business travellers or researchers requiring corporate housing in the Geneva airport’s vicinity and wanting to avoid the impersonality of the nearby big hotel chains. It is also a prosperous quiet residential area with a primary school, making it popular amongst Geneva’s families as well as people working in the city centre but preferring a calmer area to live.