Our mission

Athomeswitzerland was founded by Bella Nokes. A lawyer with 15 years commercial experience, she moved to Switzerland in 2004. She has completed a masters in Swiss real estate valuation and acted as a consultant to foreign investors looking to access the swiss property market.

Athomeswitzerland was born of her realisation that the shortage of apartments in the region, and the complexity of the administrative system, combine to create a market for flexible serviced apartments.

Our Team

Bella Nokes - Director


Bella Nokes, the founder of Athomeswitzerland, is a brilliant lawyer who moves from one project to another with lightning speed, leaving but a few in her wake.

Arielle Dupont

Head of Corporate Services & New Technology

Arielle is an ingenious IT self-starter who puts her innovative ideas to use for all our Corporate clients. Our Corporate pools of apartments are run seamlessly thanks to Arielle’s dedication & perfectionism.

Marie Velosa

HR Manager

Marie’s kindhearted and sunny disposition, guides, manages and nurtures the Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the company.

Pauline van der Heiden

Client Services Specialist

Pauline’s calm Zen attitude ensures that each of our client’s relocation is relaxing experience. Her background in the housing market and her professionalism enhanced by her smile are greatly appreciated.

Alice Vibert

Client Services Specialist

Alice’s energetic and fun attitude is marked by her professionalism and enthusiasm brings comfort to our clients knowing that Alice is there to help and answer any questions they may have in regard to our apartments and their relocation.

Caroline Virtic

Client Services Specialist

Apartments situated in Neuchatel are cared for by Caroline. She helps the start of the relocation process for our clients in such a smooth manner and she can guarantee a smile and a bright outlook on life, will be served with a tailored service during their stay.

Jessica Pilet

Head of Apartments & Design

Thanks to Jessica’s extensive experience in the business and her bright nature and organization, she and her team deliver a stress-free relocating experience to our clients. Add her creative view on life, our apartments are designed and furnished to feel like home.

Céline Gaslonde

Client Services & Business Developer Manager

Professional in the hospitality sector Céline uses her outstanding experience to care for our clients in Geneva and to develop business ideas and contracts. Our clients are assured a restful transition during their relocation.

Mélanie Kulehsa

Client Services Manager

After a few years spent as a Luxury Sales Manager, Mélanie looks after our ever-developing l Luxury Collection in Geneva. Her positive mindset and her excellent customer services skills ensure our guests a smooth and relaxing stay.

Claire Dillon

Client Services Assistant - Switzerland

Claire boasts experience in the client services industry, hospitality and marketing sector. With her cheerful and enthusiastic personality, she offers an efficient and positive service to our clients and will swiftly find solutions to any issues coming her way.

Bells Wagenknecht

Accounts Assistant

Isabella has many great achievements in the customer services industry. With her bright outlook and enthusiasm and she supports our International Booking team with confidence and a professional manner.

Monica Modi

Customer Service Assistant

Monica’s amazing track record in the customer services industry, and her positive attitude, she supports our team in a calm and professional manner.

Janine Hall

Booking Manager

Janine’s ability to juggle between bookings to find the best suitable apartments for our clients. Her kindness, patience and amazing listening skills ensure that the level of care provided to our clients is by far the best in the market.

Rosa Ineson

Client Services Assistant - France

With her acute sense of professionalism and her witty personality, Rosa ensures that all of our clients throughout the EU, UK in addition to other countries and continents, receive a top notch tailored service during their stay.


IT Manager

Joachim’s young dynamic view of the tech world is responsible and accountable for the smooth running of the computer system and development of new technologies to keep us up to date in this new tech world

Ferjana Mohamed

Finance Manager

Ferjana’s calm analytical mind doubled with her empathy and kindness makes for the best match to head up our accounting team.

Akash Gocool

Accounts Assistant

Akash’s logical thinking and positive attitude, supports the team with their invoicing and billing with great accuracy, allowing him to answer each and every question to their accounting queries in no time.


Accounts Assistant

Juggling between hundreds of invoices and bills with great accuracy comes easy to Kania, while swiftly & carefully piling through her daily workload, she provides us with patience and support for every one of our queries.